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Download #1: Your PDF Template – Epic Prayer Journal

The Epic Faith Prayer Journal

Download Your Copy and Start Your Epic Prayer Life Today

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Download #2: Epic Faith Digital Editions

Your Downloadable Copy of Epic Faith

Kindle for Amazon Kindle Devices

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ePub for non-Kindle readers

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Epic Prayer Warriors Conference

The Way of the Epic Prayer Warriors

A Live 4-Part Teaching on Practicing a Lifestyle of Epic Faith in Prayer

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Watch Part 3

Watch Part 4

Mission Accomplished Bonuses

Download the Mission Accomplished Digital Editions

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Mission Accomplished Phoenix Missions Conference

Click to Download each lesson to take with you and listen whenever and wherever you like!

Download Lesson 1

Download Lesson 2

30 Days of Epic Faith Training

Your 30 Days of Epic Faith Digital Workbook

Putting Your Faith Into Practice

Download PDF Copy

Your 30 Days Journey

Putting Your Faith Into Practice

Watch Week 1

Watch Week 2

Watch Week 3

Watch Week 4

Watch Week 5

30 Days of Epic Faith

Daily Coaching: Part 1: The Word of God

Epic Faith Preparation Day

Take a picture and share your progress with #epicfaith on Instagram. Get social with Marty by connecting @martymeyerorg

Watch Preparation Day

Day 1 –
Worship God

Watch Day 1

Day 2 –
Reconcile With God

Watch Day 2

Day 3 – Surrender to the Lordship of Christ

Watch Day 3

Day 4 – Cultivate a Passion for God’s Word

Watch Day 4

Day 5 –
Desire the Holy Spirit

Watch Day 5

Day 6 –
Approach Jesus in Faith

Watch Day 6

Day 7 – Dealing with Disappointment

Watch Day 7

Day 8 – Put God’s Word into Practice

Watch Day 8

Daily Coaching: Part 2: The Voice of God

Day 9 –
Listen to God and Obey

Watch Day 9

Day 10 –
Recognizing the Shepherd’s Voice

Watch Day 10

Day 11 –
Find True Identity in Being God’s

Watch Day 11

Day 12-
Follow Jesus

Watch Day 12

Day 13 –
Trust God for Everything

Watch Day 13

Day 14 –
Live the Adventure

Watch Day 14

Day 15 –
Be Willing to Suffer for Jesus

Watch Day 15

Day 16 – Discover Christ’s Power through Weakness

Watch Day 16

Day 17 –
Enjoy Dreaming with God

Watch Day 17

Daily Coaching: Part 3: The Character of God

Day 18 –
Set God-sized Goals

Watch Day 18

Day 19 –
Start Something New

Watch Day 19

Day 20 –
Pray God’s Character

Watch Day 20

Day 21 –
Withstand the Fire

Watch Day 21

Day 22 –
Receive a Good Heart

Watch Day 22

Day 23 –
Understand the Fear of the Lord

Watch Day 23

Day 24 –
Appropriate God’s Authority

Watch Day 24

Day 25 –
Transformed by God’s Presence

Watch Day 25

Day 26 –
Write God’s Story for Your Life

Watch Day 26

Day 27 –
The Power of the Gospel

Watch Day 27

Day 28 –
The Power of Your Testimony

Watch Day 28

Day 29 – Discover Your Destiny in the Mission of Jesus

Watch Day 29

Day 30 –
Find Passion for Life

Watch Day 30

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