What my having daily spiritual nourishment looks like.

While on a flight to Phoenix reading Psalm 93… I have been Reading from Matthew recent days and found a new link…

His throne was established firmly in eternity. This​ king is none other than Jesus Christ. He is the mighty king who rules forever and ever. And then you see this juxtaposition of Matthew Twenty seven where Jesus is standing before pilot as if this Roman governor has some rule or authority over the king of the entire universe. And yet Jesus remains completely silent. Jesus, when he predicted his death, he said, no one takes my life from me.

Just taking 15 minutes every day to read the word, meditate on it. And then write down in your journal what he says is really the spiritual nourishment that you need every single day.
Whether you get up early or you’re on an airplane or wherever you are, take the time to be spiritually nourished!