Can all believers live with a sense of meaning and purpose and fulfillment in their lives? Listen to a story about How I Found Fulfilment in saying Yes to an uncomfortable opportunity!

In Philippians, it says, “and this is what I do, I grab hold of that for which Christ Jesus has taken hold of me!”… You know that Jesus has grabbed hold of you and your life for a purpose and he wants you to live to the fullest.I’m discovering and exploring keys to living a full life with a sense of a purpose and destiny.

One of the first keys to living with a sense of fulfillment and destiny and purpose in your life is a very simple principle, but it’s not always easy… …A Simple Response of “Yes” to God!God loves to present opportunities to say

Yes to him, to take a risk by saying yes to God even when it’s uncomfortable.

Stay Tuned as I unpack the principles of living with a sense of purpose and destiny…